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AR15 magazine questions

ok so i bought my AR15 and also got 5 pmag mags which i think are the 2nd gen mags but they did not come with the dust covers is it ok to leave these mags loaded all the time or is it better to unload them while in storage,if i had the dust covers would this make a difference on the loaded or unloaded storage question.

i have a 10 pack of magpul AR15 mags on backorder from brownells but since there is no telling how long it will be for them to come in i have been looking for other mags. i found some from a company called tapco and they are about 12.00 each are they any good should i pick up some or should i wait for my magpul's to come in. if the magpuls are better ill just wait for my order to come in and leave those tapcos on the shelf for others to pick up as im sure im not the only person looking for mags haha.
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