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To the OP, it is a fantastic round.

I opted for the 6.8 because it allows me to hunt with a AR15 platform

I considered the AR10 style, but wanted the lighter weight solution

Choosing the AR15 style allows me to change uppers and mags and have a 556 in a flash. I also have the option of getting a dedicated 22 upper as well.

I also reload which gives ultimate flexibility

My per bullet costs are

Brass .04 (15 reloads...... Some are getting 20) SSA
Bullet .15 (You have to find them on sale)
Primer .02
Powder .08 (AA2200)

.28 ish..... For an extremely accurate round..... Is a good deal

I reload for pistol rounds as well, so my cost for equipment is spread out.

Most hunters in the USA dont hunt Large bears, moose, or Elk.

If I did, I would use my 8mm.

For every other critter, 4 legged or 2 legged, the 6.8 is a great round.

It seems like some posters have an agenda using inflated costs to make a point

As last points, there are several armies considering the 6.8 (Jordan has taken
large deliveries from LWRC)

Tula has committed to bringing out a lower cost plinking round as well later in 2013

There are other ammo manufacturers considering jumping in Im told(Federal)

These actions will bring about a lower cost plinking round

The 6.8 is here to stay, its not a magic bullet, but it gives you flexibility down the road
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