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I was in Cabela's yesterday and the prices on ammo hadn't really changed, as a matter of fact some were on sale. There was a 10 box limit on ammunition which isn't really that unreasonable and the shelves were pretty full of all calibers. Sure there were some gaps but I was able to pick up a few boxes of Independence .556 for $9.99. I scoped out the the gun selection and the displays were full except for the AR-15 and there were a few of them still on display. I couldn't see the prices on the ARs but the handguns on display seemed to be about the same price.
What I do find curious is how the ammo that seems to be in the shortest supply in any store I have been in is 22LR. Why is everyone cleaning off the shelves of this little rimfire caliber, especially the bulk packs? I have not heard of anyone talking about banning 22LR bullets, why the panic buying?
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