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Sounds like your number one priority with a CCW is not printing. That's mine too, and that's why I pocket carry a .380. A CCW is a trade-off, and the #1 reason people do carry .380s is deep concealment.

I'm not as well equipped as a guy who carries a glock 17. It's okay; I'm not in a who carries the best gun contest. However, I can be as active as I want, stay cool, and avoid printing. The statement, "I only carry fullsize..." is similar to, "I only eat burritos for lunch..." It's only true until it's not, and no one really cares except the person making the statement. Sometimes it's worth reconsidering things we identify with. It's okay to change. The .380 is more than I ever hope you or I need anyway.

Just a thought. I hope you find something that works better for you in any case.
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