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Glock Slide Refurbishing - Take a Pass

I sent my 15 year old Gen 2 Glock 27 in to Glock for this with a request to refinish both the barrel and slide ($20 and $40 respectively). Obviously, after 15 years of duty use it had accumulated a good number of minor scuffs, scratches, and other blemishes. When it came back after about 5 weeks it looked flawless, perfect black slide with the old scratches and scuffs erased.

Unfortunately, within two weeks it sustained a two inch to-the-bare-metal scratch along the slide from rubbing against something in my gym bag. I mean, down to bare shiny metal. I carried that gun for fifteen years and never sustained an abbrasion like that through the factory glock finish.

Clearly, whatever Glock does when they refinish these weapons is strictly cosmetic and nothing like the original protective finish the guns ship out with. Knowing this now, I would have stayed with the original fifteen year finish with the minor scuffs and scrapes. This was a huge mistake and I'll now be shipping it off again to get a third party to put some kind of durable and more protective coating on that slide. This Glock deal is a big mistake.
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