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I couldn't even imagine paying that much for anything bushnell. I've had a few of there cheaper scopes and binoculars, I surely wasn't impressed. I would go leupold or zeiss at that kind of money, Just my opinion. Also 2 the the original OP, I wouldn't expect much out of a .204 at much more than 300 yrds, My .22-250 with a 40 grain bullet going over my chronograph at nearly 4,100 fps DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY LEFT AT 400 YRDS TO EXPLODE A GALLON JUG OF WATER, JUST MADE IT LEAK!! Not to mention how much it drops at that range, I have recovered bullets that were stil in the gallon jug and looked like they could have been reloaded again except for the rifling grooves! Those little bullets have there place and look cool on paper but in real world they fall on there face VERY QUICKLY AFTER 300 YRDS!!
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