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Old M1 Carbine

A few days before Christmas I was perusing a gun shop down in my hometown in GA and came across an old M1 Carbine. The wood was well worn but matched and the markings said Underwood (memory is a little fuzzy and I can't remember where). It had a heat shield and what I'm guessing was a 15 round magazine. $400

I put it down and went on looking about but kept coming back periodically and fondling it. I feel compelled to buy this gun but I have no idea as to it's condition or mechanical soundness. Its looks almost certainly to be an old warhorse. What are some things to look for as far as shootability goes? It looks too worn to be any kind of collectors prize so I think it make a good shooter as opposed to a safe queen and just owning that kind of a piece of history has me drawn to it among other things.
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