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I can attest that the factory ruger 25 round magazines perform great when clean. Still the RF is more likely to get a misfire.
I disagree.
Average, cheap ammo is more likely to misfire, but decent rimfire ammo is exceptionally reliable.

Quick examples:
I haven't had a failure to fire with faulty .22 WMR ammo... ever.
I haven't had a failure to fire with faulty Eley-primed .22 LR cases... ever.
I haven't had a failure to fire with a premium CCI .22 LR or .22 Short load... ever.

On the other hand, I've seen factory centerfire handgun loads with no flash hole, messed up cases, the wrong bullet, no powder, or backwards primers more often that I'd care to. ...and more often than I've had a failure to fire with even run-of-the-mill ArmsCor .22 LR.

Rimfire cases are less complicated than centerfire cases. There are fewer variables to cause a problem. As long as the load is using a quality hull (that's primed properly), it will be as reliable as, or more reliable than, centerfire ammo.

Quality is what matters.
Whether it's centerfire, or rimfire, doesn't matter. If it's cheap ammo... you get what you paid for.
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