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But I wonder how valid the "availability of ammo" concern really is. I mean, if you're lost out in the wilderness, the only ammo you have is what you brought along. It doesn't matter if it's 22lr or .25-20 Winchester. Even the most common ammo in the world isn't going to be laying around under bushes.
If you can't get ammo before you leave home, you aren't going to have that wonderful 'survival' piece with you, at all. -It isn't about finding ammo while lost in the woods; it's about having the firearm with you, at all.
True, but as long as you can plan in advance and/or keep a good supply at home, there are many, many kinds of ammo that are not hard to come by, so I don't know how important it is that a person select one of the absolutely most common cartridges.
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