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I remember when Russian SKS's were going for $ 79.00. What are they worth now in very good condition with all matching serial numbers?
Matching, in VG condition, they were going for as high as $900 (prior to the panic buying - and I saw a handful of "excellent" condition Tulas go for over $1,200).

The decent Russians have essentially moved into the realm of collectors. $600-800 was not uncommon before the panic buying.

The not-so-decent Russians, or rearsenaled Russians have become the red-headed step children of the SKS world. The current generation of buyers does not understand what they are. So, they think the Russians should be priced at the same level as Romanians and Yugos that have rusted pistons and seized bolts.

Even last year, you could find decent rearsenaled, or 'fair' condition Russians for less than the average Norinco, and just a bit higher than decent Romanians/Yugos.

Tomorrow, the Russian (Tula) SKS in my house (formerly mine) will probably be leaving forever. Its current owner is going to try to make a few bucks while the market is up. -I would, too; if it was still mine. But, I'll still miss it. It's a great rifle, and has put every Norinco, Yugo, and Romanian that went through the family to shame.

Current market value is a far cry from the days of SKSs stacked in barrels and crates, in the corner of gun stores.
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