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Reliable, rugged, service-accurate, cost-effective: what's not to like?

I liken the P-series Rugers to American muscle cars, compared to European import sports cars: they do what most of us really need them to and are the best 'bang for the buck'.

My P97 was more accurate in my hands than the H&K USP 45c or the Sig P220Combat, by at least a 2" smaller 8 round group at 7 yards, consistantly, for 300 rounds fired through each of them.

I am glad you are happy. If you get into bulls-eye competition you may need something with more potential accuracy, but for a fun gun that will reliably allow you to save your life [if you do your part], the P95 will work VERY well.

Oh, be careful cleaning it. Don't use brake cleaner or many other aerosol cleaners on the frame or you will run the risk of permanently discoloring the plastic. I did that to one part of a P97 frame and learned the hard way, but I can't remember what cleaner it was: breakfree maybe? I honestly don't remember. Maybe shotblaster or something from Remington or Winchester like that? Just be careful. Hoppes works fine for me.
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