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It's a modernization of the old High Standard pump design (Flite King etc), with an added action bar so that it has two. If it's well executed as far as production/manufacture is concerned, there is nothing at all wrong with the design. The only one I've handled so far was NIB and pretty gritty feeling, but I'd expect a good cleaning and some honest use/wear to fix that.

Hope it works well for you, I have an old trade-in High Standard riot gun from my county SO by way of a local gun shop that's the slickest pump I own. The back of the bolt locks into a notch in the top of the steel receiver like a Model 12 Winchester, which helps a lot with the slickitude. Point it (empty, of course) straight up with the hammer cocked, the action locked and the safety on, hit the action release and the bolt will open up all the way without even having to touch the forearm...
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