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I'd been handloading for many years before '08 but had really ramped it up in the 2-3 years just before. I had been buying primers by the thousand, usually at retail in a gun store whenever I found them.

In the spring/summer of '08, I figured it was time to stop fooling around and pony up the hazmat fee and make a "big" order of them. Put like...gun money in to a primer buy since I knew the darn things don't go stale. Buy a slew and quit having to shop for them.

Well, I never got around to it. Or maybe I kept balking at dropping $500 on primers. Either way, I never actually made my order. Then November happened and when every guy with a hundred bucks in America was buying a stripped lower, I made my primer order with Graf's.

I just missed the bus. They sold out and I started my wait.

I could look at my records to see what the final result was, but IIRC, it was 11 months before I got my order.

I've never ran low on primers since. Not even close. Not even close to close. I've never even approached being close to getting nearly close to being in the range of running low on primers since.

It's funny when you find yourself knee deep in "SOME" kind of event. In retrospect, when you look back, it seems vivid, you remember what it felt like, the helpless feeling, and you kind of look back a bit smug and say, "pffft, I was stupid back then and eventually, the stuff came back in stock with a vengeance. It was horrible in the moment but there was no 'long term' and we panicked a lot for nothing."

But that's the hindsight. It doesn't seem like rational thinking when you -ARE- in the middle of it to just say, "this too shall pass."
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