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.38 Special CZS loads?

At the last local Gun Show I purchased some .38 Special CAS reloads from Red Dog Firearms and besided being very well and carefully built, these loads are some of the mildest that I have ever shot thru my Cobra >38 Derringer!
Is there a "stamdard" by which CSA loads are built or is the powder charge at the discretion of the builder?
WIsh I'd have bought another 200 because these are a dream to shoot thru the little belly gun! Standard Factory 158g full power loads"sting" a little when fired thru this little piece!
Even at the reduced velocity of these loads, I am sure that they are easilly double the M/E of the origonal .41 R/F.
due to the rugged construction of the Cobra .38 Special it's a little gun that you want to shoot often!
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