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That goes for Ohio, too. No multiple weapon carry in the Buckeye state.

I pointedly asked a Sheriff's Sergeant last time I got my CHL renewed, as there was a discussion about it.

Ol' Sarge gave me "the look" and the answer "Only One", . . . so I figured that question had come up, . . . and was settled.
Dwight, I have enjoyed many of your posts so forgive me but you are basing this on a sailored, scrappy ole sarge who raised an eyebrow seemigly wondering why you would ask that question? I don't know of any law in OH that would forbid a legal, licensed permit holder from carrying their psitol as well as a backup gun. And he wouldn't have to keep it in the trunk...on his person, in the glovebox, in the center console would probably suffice but different states do have differences regarding that - I usually reference
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