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WOW... I've never seen a pair of rifles that old that look that well cared for. for actual value and what is better I haven't a clue but most guns from that age either worked or nobody bought them, people had less understanding towards mediocre gun manufacturers than they do now. the one that lists several if I'm not mistaken just means that it can take 22 short. 22 short was very common in shooting galleries back when it was culturally alright to hand a child a rifle at the fair booth and tell him to knock the bottles down instead of handing him a baseball. some guns were able to cleanly cycle both 22 short and 22 long rifle but the recoil is so light that most just become a form of bolt action, requiring you to manually cycle each round. 22 short was also very popular in town where neighbors don't like you shooting those pesky squirrels...less noise.
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