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This is a good thread, I like Jedi's take on opinions. Some opinions/preferences may be based on brand loyalty and little else while others are simple snobery or sophistry, and I have less patience for those folks. What does make sense to me is not liking what doesn't work, poor customer service or guns not fitting people, I suspect large handed people like bigger grips, some people don't like the glock grip angle, others love it and from what I know it the grip angle was considered one of the innovations of the original glocks. If a gun works for you, reliably then that is probably a good gun...for you. The great thing is there are so many options we can all find something we like, or several or more somethings. That is what I like about this forum, I get to read reviews of guns I am interested in and learn about guns I did not know existed but now want...can't wait to do some shooting tomorrow.
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