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Need advise on Grandfather's rifles

Hello all, this is my first post here. Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area.
I need some advise from those with more experience...

first the back ground...
My grandfather passed away almost 20 years ago and Grams moved in with Mom. Along with her came 2 rifles of his and they have been there since. The other day, Mom decided she wanted to sell my grandfather's rifles to get my grandmother some extra money. Well she asked me about selling them.

I had no idea she even had them and I had never seen the guns myself. Being the grand daughter, he ASSUMED a girl would have no interest in seeing guns. (well he was quite wrong) Anyway, I asked a guy I knew if he might be able to help me get some info on them. He asked me to get some pictures and he would see. Well I got them home and expected to find some old beat up rusty hunks... What I found was quite the opposite.

The history of the rifles...
These were his hunting rifles. Mom remembers whenever grampa used them he always cleaned them after. They were always kept in the house and in cases. He always babied his guns. And boy did it show. There is no rust, the wood is in prefect shape.

The guy I know wants to buy them, but I find myself not wanting to part with them. Grandpa took such meticulous care of them. Maybe I should buy one or both and keep them in the family... I know grandpa would want the rifles to go to a person who will care for them like he did. That I will definitely do. And yes, I have always had an interest in guns. Its been $ that has kept me from having one.

So now on to business...
I ask you all here what you think about these rifles. Should I try to keep both or just one? Which one is better if I can only retain one? Both are semi-automatic. For me that is definitely a plus.

1. Mossberg 151K (1950-1951)
2. Remington 550-1 (Feb. 1960: if I understand the barrel code)
(pics to follow)

From what I have read, the Mossberg only uses the .22 lr. The Remington notates s, l, and lr. I assume this means it can use a variety of ammo?

Seems alot of folks rave about the Remington, even over the Ruger 10/22, so I was leaning that way. But alot of folks say the Mossberg is great. That being said I would like to shoot both to see if one feels better for me that the other. What is the best ammo to get for each one?

Mossberg: I have read Federal Champion Target ammo- standard velocity (Dick's Sporting Goods), high velocity (WalMart).
Remington: No idea...

Thank you for any help you can give!

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