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The brand of pistol doesn't matter as much as how well it works for the owner. One person might not be able to empty a magazine with any pistol and have all the rounds go through a single hole even at 3 yards much less 25 yards or more. The pistol they have just may be a good match for them. It might not be a good match for me. I have had others shoot my pistols and it reinforces how much I need to practice. Still others might not be able to stay on a paper target at 7 yards with the same pistol and ammo. After shooting a pistol everyone has an opinion. If you have a pistol that meets your needs, you are good to go.

Some time ago I picked up a pistol reported to not work for anyone. All I read about was how bad it was. I wanted to see what could be done to get it to work properly. I still shoot that pistol and have a couple more of them as well. It was a very positive thing collecting information from many owners and putting it together for others to read and possibly find a solution to something that might not be working right. It is a real shame this isn't done more often. It becomes very difficult to get a thread like that going without being slammed over and over again by people that might have fired one round though a given pistol or maybe they saw one once up close. Yes, I got slammed on a regular basis.

Personally I would prefer to read more positive posts than negitive posts. If someone gets a lemon I would rather read about what can be done to improve it or at least what is causing the problem. When someone has a pistol I think is a piece of junk for one reason or anther, I think I should either keep quiet or maybe ask if the normal things have been done like proper cleaning and lubrication. I really like reading about what has been done to solve problems or where to get something that is hard to find or just saving money.

Things I like to read about are just not popular I guess.
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