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To illustrate Kraig's point: I watched this program (quite by accident, I don't subscribe to NatGeo) a couple weeks ago. This telling fact was announced in a proud manner: Black Wolf was responsible for killing hundreds of elk. That's just one wolf. No need for hunters to thin the elk herds if wolves are doing it. The problem is the wolves are killing too many elk. Plus livestock. Great work by Ed Bangs and his reintroduction team. He's retired now. Wolves are hated by many people around here. Tourists like them. Friend of mine personalized license plate reads... No Wolf. Next showing of this program is January 11. Look for the time in your zone if you're interested.
Remember, many times what we view as a curse in the present turns out to be a blessing in the future. Don't worry about it a lot. Things have a way of working out. Trust me on this one. - - Uncle Bill Martino
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