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Re: the CMP "destroying weapons instead of selling them" - this is based on what?
'This is based on what?"

Simple, the CMP is a gov't program and can be ended at any time by E.O. or Congress. This administration will not allow CMP stocks to be stored away for the future, they would simply call it a cost-cutting move to lower the deficit and be done with it.
Not likely.

The CMP sells surplus rifles because they are required to by federal law to fund their Programs. Title 36 U. S. Code, 0701-40733.

This law has been in affect since the early 1900s, and last renewed in 1996 when the program was turned over to civilian management from the DCM (Division of Civilian Marksmanship run by the Army). The DCM was funded by tax dollars, the CMP is funded by sales of surplus rifles, ammo, and other products. They use no federal tax dollars.

This law also requires the CMP to conduct the National Matches (Camp Perry) and other CMP Games, conduct the Small Arms Firing Schools and other programs that provide marksmanship training to American Citizens.

The Small Arms Firing Schools teach American Citizens, including juniors, marksmanship using our existing military firearms.

The President cannot override this law, and I see no way possible for it to be over turned by congress.

If and when the CMP stops selling Garands, it will be because they ran out (and that wont be for a while).

These programs have been on going since Pres. T. Roosevelt started the programs in 1903. They aren't gonna end any time soon.

As to the topic at hand, the benefits of buying from the CMP are many, one, all firearms are checked by armors to make sure they are safe and functional. If something does turn out wrong, they will make good, you'll not find better service. Plus, and in my opinion, the most important, is the support of the CMP Shooting Programs, mainly the junior programs.
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