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Anyone give me one legit reason to own a 30 round mag.beyond the 2nd amend.anything.

Defense, competitions, deer hunting (yes, in ND, there is NO limit on the amount of ammo a magazine in a semi-auto can hold) or varmint hunting, range plinking fun, historical significance (can you say "Armalite waffle AR mags?) and yeah, the right to keep and bare arms shall NOT be infirnged.
So, now that you have your legit reasons to own a 30 round mag, can YOU give me one legit reason why you need to have a car bigger than a Yugo or Smart car? They will still get you from point A to point B, right? Why would you need a car that is capabible of doing over 55 MPH when it's a proven fact that excessive highway speeds kill? Also, where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights does it say that your right to keep and drive a Camero shall not be infringed? Hell, where does it say that your right to keep and ride a horse shall not be infirnged if you want to cite the old line of how they couldn't have seen horseless carraiges much less Big Foot when they were writting the Bill of Rights. So, got a good legit answer why you need a V8 yet???
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