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I'm on the other end of things. I have an M&P22 and I love it. Ya see, whuh happen wuz, I got my son a Ruger SR22 for himt to grow into. Of course I had to "test it" for him (that's the story I'm sticking with) and realized that, "dang, little .22s are FUN!" Well, since I have an M&P45, I decided to get one of these as well and I'm glad I did! Originally, I thought I might have Sig Mosquito problems with it so I decided to run 200 rounds of CCI Mini-mags through it for breaking in. Worked without a problem so I went over to using Wal-Mart bulk box Remington ammo. Ever since then, that's all she's been fed and hasn't missed a beat yet in probably close to a couple thousand rounds!
It's very close in size to the full size M&P and if mine was the small framed 9/40 M&P, it would be identical to a medium grip. The controls are the same as the full size pistol though and function the same. My M&P45 has the manual safety so the manual safety of the M&P22 doesn't bother me at all either. They do ride at a little more severe angle when on safe than the full sized model but it's not a show stopper. Granted I could have done without the engraved billboard on the side of the slide but that's just asthetics.
So now to the big question, how does she shoot? Like I said, the first 200 rounds were mini-mags just to check function and aide in the break-in process. Hmm, I kind of wonder if it would have even needed that though? Anyways, I didn't adjust the sights right away since I knew mini-mags was NOT going to be it's everyday diet but I was curious how she grouped. I fired these 5 rounds from 15m from a roll-over prone position without an artificial rest:

I don't have any pictures of the Remington golden bullet groups but as expected, they did open up a little bit but nothing major. Certainly not a problem for a plinker and low cost trainer. The .22LR runs a bit cheaper than .45 ACP even when reloading is factored in so that's another big plus for this pistol.
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