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Fired my first 10mm handgun

The brother and I went to the range today with a couple of guns, and hoping to rent the Ruger Super Redhawk snubbie in .454 they have... but they had just run out of ammo for it. So we browsed through their rentals and decided to just go with a Glock 20. After shooting my S&W 4006 for awhile, I was very surprised to find that I couldn't notice much difference in recoil when shooting the Glock. Of course most factory 10mm loads aren't very hot (we were shooting remington UMC), but even then I certainly did notice a difference in the muzzle blast of the 10mm compared to the .40 S&W. Every shot from that thing lit up the entire side of the indoor range, and made quite a bang as well. Overall I really liked the 10mm, very controllable imo, with a lot of power and as a bonus puts on a nice light show .
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