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you bet it's off topic... now about this sweet, hot wife...does she have a sister?

all jokes aside. I know exactly where you are coming from. every gun has it's cult followers and die hard haters. your Glock knockers, Sig stickers, Koch Fiends, kimber kissers, hipoint hunters and a billion other funny names that make no sense which I just made up.

I am just as guilty as any other member here. I argue with the name brand lorders and try my best to defend a budget line to no avail. I see spending the extra money on a Colt 1911 when a Springfield, Remington or Ruger will do just fine idiotic though I have started to realize that there is a big difference between a Kimber and a Rock Island Armory. I also see little sense in spending more money on a wilson 1911 than I spent keeping my first truck running over a 3 year period. a gun is a tool to me but it is also a toy, if I spend more money to buy the toy than I would spend on a wedding ring then odds are I'm not going to want to take it out of the safe very often for fear of scratching,breaking, or...God forbid, GET IT DIRTY!

I have no problem with someone that does go out and buy that $3,200 ed brown that's sat in my LGS' case for 3 years but I do take issue when they start to look down on the Ruger, Springfield and even Colt owners because their custom made gun that took months to build, refine, and decorate has never once failed and manages to hold together better accuracy than some rifles. likewise I get irritated when discussion of 'Gun A' gets sidetracked and closed because some moron had to bring up 'gun B' that was never even mentioned in the post and starts a brand/ materials war.

I take the same position as you, if someone likes it, that is their perogative. I see no harm in adding your viewpoints but when those viewpoints have absolutely nothing to do with a topic being discussed then there is no reason to voice it in the first place.

I kindof like this thread... STICKY anyone?
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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