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Bart, I have a winchester 64 .264 win mag that probably has a similar condition. If you bore sight it and if you mount a scope that is centered, the bore sight (confirmed by a shot) is 26" left of point of aim from the scope at 100 yards. At first I thought it was drilled for the bases crooked (have a Mark 5 WBY that is) but this rifle is drilled true. I have never took the time to really diagnose what is wrong with that rifle because it is a sub minute rifle if you give it about 10 minutes between shots. I took a bit of the windage problem out with the bases and the rest with the scope. It annoys me just knowing there is a problem. What is crazy is if you stick a bore sighter in this rifle right now with the scope zeroed, the center wire of the scope is almost completely off the boresighter. In my mind, it completely defies logic.
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