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1) do you shoot alot of steel cased ammo out of the gun ? If so do you clean the chamber really well after ? As I'm sure you know steel cased ammo some times does not seal the chamber completely and you can get blow back and build up in the chamber . When the softer brass expands in the worm dirty-ish chamber the case can stick . This it what helps contribute to wearing of or broken extractors.
Never have used steel case, and wont unless SHTF, but thats different and trivial to think about haha.

2) Bad extractor or spring
Leaning towards the spring. The case is always extracting correctly, it is just simply not ejecting out of the port and causing a jam.

3) how did the cases look . I'm just getting in to reloading and I remember reading something about if the neck of the case expands to much it can stick to the (something ) I don't remember I want to say rifling but that does not sound right but there was something about the case expanding to much and sticking .
Cases looked fine. All factory ammunition. If its an ammo issue then my ammo just doesn't like Fiocchi or Hornady

Extractor, extractor spring, insert and O ring. All are cheap, easy to swap out.
This is what I am leaning towards the most. Attached I provided the specific issue (albeit with live ammo) and the BCG

Updated Analysis is greatly appreciated

Edit: The first image was upside down, fixed it.
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