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was there anything in there designed to add continuity to the conversation or do you just live to put down new gun designs?

I bash on a lot of guns but I never do it based on what they are made out of.

I have never seen a glockaholic enter a 1911 and bash the 1911 for the sole reason that it's metal so why would you enter a SR45 thread with nothing to contribute but hate towards plastic? I can think of things much more worthy of hatred.
So what your saying is its ok for you to bash a gun for what it is but someone else can't bash because of what its made of?

FYI, my comment was meant purly as sarcasim. After all the SR line of pistols have been out for what, 5 or 6 years now? You would think they would have released a .45 version within the first year or two.
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