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Please oppose H.R. 21 (sponsor: Representative Moran)
This bill would require background checks for all gun sales, and to require gun owners to report when their guns have been stolen.
What ?? That's our "Republican" Senator, who's supposed to be such a strong 2A supporter. Putting the word on this one, and the letter /calling campaign will begin. He may need a new job after the next election...... when he gets voted out.

They (Dem's or someone) has really convinced them there is a "gunshow loophole" and unlicensed dealers selling guns without background checks.

We've been having a real time getting our reps to understand, there are NO unlicensed dealers at gunshows...... nor that aren't doing background checks. It doesn't exist. It is "personal sales" ....... at least one Rep assigned an aide to try to talk to me until the points I was making was understood. Finally..... they read the laws I was pointing out to them, and the lightbulb went off .. and they understood it. They kept saying, "there must be a section" ...... they finally realized, the info they had gotten ... was all bogus.... there is no "gunshow loophole".

Obviously, he doesn't get it either.
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