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The Traditions nickeled Deer hunter has a nickeled bore.
It's a very slick coating that cleans up more easily than the non-nickeled.
I think that it has some advantages over a plain steel bore including the rust prevention. Perhaps it does have slightly lesser accuracy than non-nickeled barrels.

[rhetorical question] If a chrome lined 5.56 barrel does suffers from slightly lesser accuracy, then which will get shot out faster and will become even more inaccurate sooner, the chrome lined or non-chrome lined 5.56 barrel?
My son bought an older upper with a non-chrome lined bore & chamber, and the chamber needed to be polished because it was a bit rough from oxidation maybe????, and it wouldn't eject properly. the cases kept getting stuck. He sold it and bought a new upper that was chrome lined.

Today's Investarms barrels are probably more accurate than the older chrome ones, but some folks have complained about how fast that the new ones can lose their accuracy, i.e. - within 5 years or less depending on the number of shots fired. That may indicate that they either use softer steel or the barrels lose their edge for some other reason such as poor maintenance.
Perhaps the chrome lining simply increases barrel longevity.

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