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Zukiphile you are entirely correct about a what we always used to call a "72 hr Hold." Normally after we used the words we would roll our eyes and shake our heads, knowing we would see them in the ER inside of a week, just as sick and miserable(or even dangerous) as they were before. Unless they tried to commit suicide or beat someone severely, they were always released only now they were angry and paranoid. More of a danger than if we did nothing. LE did their jobs, we did ours, the people we sent them to were overwhelmed, understaffed and afraid of the lawyers representing the patients.
Mleake, you were right about my mistake, I was amazed at the thought of that some state might actually move that fast.
Look at it this way, Sandy hook nut (I refuse to use his name) gets a 72hr hold. he is released, see reasons above, he does exactly what he did, knowing that in 10 days they might lock him up. There were multiple reports that he did this because Mom was trying to lock him up. My way he gets his exam done before he is released. Not a whole lot different, and if done correctly can be done during the 72hr hold. The difference I would like to see is the doctors being an advocate for our safety rather than his right to kill me.
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