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Sorry I posted before I saw your reply. Remove the bolding and read the entire passage.
A person may be committed on an emergency basis without a prior hearing, however, if a clinical social worker or advanced practice registered nurse with certain training, physician, or psychologist signs an emergency certificate stating that he has psychiatric disabilities, is dangerous or gravely disabled, and in need of immediate care and treatment.

A police officer may take a person with psychiatric disabilities into custody and deliver him to a general hospital on a court warrant or reasonable belief that the person meets the criteria for emergency commitment.

Hospitals must annually advise all committed patients of their right to a hearing on whether they can be released. Additionally, a court-appointed psychiatrist must examine each patient annually. A full hearing is required at least every two years. Patients may also apply for release at any time and receive a full hearing on the application.

Even a social worker, or Nurse Practitioner can have them committed just by signing a form.
The Policeman only needs a "reasonable belief that the person meets the criteria"
Within 10 days they have to be examined by 2 physicians.
What I proposed was similar down to the number examining them.
The mental health system does not follow it's own rules, trust me.
Sandy hook, Aurora, Loughtner, etc., would have been locked up under these rules, erasing the death toll.
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