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Originally Posted by Scrubcedar
Zukiphile I appreciate the kindness, let me say that first.
I don't think anyone who has children thinks the experience is less than transformative.

I bought an item from a kitchen table FFL a few years ago. He was a muni PO and was watching his three small and perfect boys. he hadn't met me before. As I filled out the 4473, he noted how much he loved his kids and how he wouldn't even think about the jail time he would do from killing anyone who hurt his kids.

I wasn't shocked at the veiled threat: I thought "That's a good father".

We all gave the world a hostage when we had our first child.

Originally Posted by Scrubcedar
How do you address that the laws so closely resemble my proposals?
I hope I addressed that sufficiently at 7:14 above.

Originally Posted by scrubcedar
When you fix your car you ask a mechanic, when you're worried about fires, ask a fireman, when you're worried about the mental health system ask some one who's been on both sides of it.
Absolutely. And when I am worried about preserving peoples' legal rights and weighing their interests, I ask people who handle those matters, not doctors.

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