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The orginal OP was asking the forum’s collective opinion on pistol selection for beach CCW carry. My answer was a 9X18 Makarov. Your initial post, post number 18, was not a pistol make or model, but rather the following commentary;
Why do you need a gun at the beach? I might bring a can of pepper spray... The beach IMO is a bad place for a gun..
Glen says he offers no absolutes;
And thats just the way it is... like it or not.
Mr. Glenn Dee, you are correct on this point: I do take exception to posts that imply or infer that the individual should not CCW where he or she seems legally fit to, the beach included. I accept your apology. Thank You.

Tens of thousands of adult Americans of sound mind and body, are denied their right to CCW do solely to some other individual’s opinion on threat management. The OP sees a threat. It happens to be at the beach. He doesn’t need to be told his assessment is incorrect and the real solution is a can of pepper spray. Real crime happens at the beach. That is one reason why the LEOs whom work there are heavily armed. Local officials like to keep a lid on this crime rate so as not to scare the tourists and decrease property values.

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