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I suppose since I have posted I would probably take action and try to engage an active shooter on this thread and one other, a lot of you consider me to be a Rambo wantabe.

To clarify hopefully somewhat, I was talking about engaging an active shooter where there was no doubt in your mind who the active shooter is and what he is doing, for instance in a school classroom or movie theater or restaurant or shopping mall where you see the active shooter start or engaging in the shooting of innocents.

Moving towards gunfire that you hear but cannot see presents a multitude of problems. One is when you get to where the shooting is taking place, then you have to identify the shooter(s) as the shooter(s) and as the bad guy(s).

If I decided to move towards gunfire, I would do it in stages trying to not be in the open or caught in the open and identifying cover or concealment in front of me and moving towards it so if caught in the open I have already identified cover or concealment and am already moving towards it. And then on to the next cover or concealment I have identified in front of me. I would also be trying to identify avenues of escape so if I had to, I could escape. When I got to the shooting I would have the knowledge of these avenues of escape and the cover and concealment behind me and how to get to it if I had to retreat.
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