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Accuracy defiantly would not be an issue for me with this little gun. I hunt rabbit and squirrel with it. Peg tree rats from the top of swaying shag-bark hickorys regularly. Head shoot stopped rabbits around 20-25 yards.

The reason the .17 was the focus was we (the three of us that started this madness) already have them...I have the pistol the other guys have bolt action rifles in .17 I would NEVER try to take anything bigger than a ground hog with a .17hmr single six...under normal conditions (for not only legal, but also moral reasons). This was more of a "if you tossed it in you back pack for a JIC scenario, and in the event of a small plain crash in nowhere (or grid fail) and it was all you had, could it be used so as not to need to harvest 28 squirrels and 9 rabbits to feed three people for a week. I feel after the comments here that the little underdog could.

And while not ideal...It would take care of you in the wilderness if in direr need of dinner. FYI here in Indiana .17hmr has always seem to be just as, if not more common than .22 everywhere I've been...Even right now I could walk in anywhere that sells ammunition and get .17....sitting right next to massive void where the .22 was
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