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Originally Posted by UtopiaTexasG19
Free speech is still ok where I live. Telling someone to watch what they are saying sounds like a another government fear program. Anyway, Most every VET I know is pro-gun and everyone around them knows it. We should honor their service to our country, not tell them to cower in the shadows. I would tell the Doctor to go and screw himself. This is just my opinion and we all know what that's worth.
Are you a veteran? If not, I respectfully suggest that you not express opinions that do not contribute to meaningful discussion.

Those of us who ARE veterans know that the VA healthcare system has already been pushing to classify as many people as possible with PTSD. The next step will be for the VA and the .gov to declare that anyone with PTSD is mentally unfit to possess firearms. Some of us depend on the VA healthcare system for ... health care. This is especially true of those with disability ratings. If the VA is, in fact, setting out to disqualify those veterans who decline to answer questions about firearms, it's a serious issue for the veterans who rely on the VA for medical care. Advising us to just tell the doctor to commit an impossible sexual maneuver is not at all helpful to anyone.

It's not a question of whether or not we're "pro-gun." It's a question of to what extent the VA healthcare system is going to blackmail us over firearms ownership.
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