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was shooting metallic silhouette in the 1970s and the M29 was considered a bit delicate for high volume shooting of full power loads up to 200 metres.
The M57s held up better.
Apparently 30 grains of bullet weight took you across the threshhold of durability of a plain vanilla N frame.
Exactly what I found. The M29 got loose and had to be sent back to S&W twice to be fixed. During one of its vacation trips, I picked up an M57 8-3/8 barrel .41 and found it shot much flatter and accurately with a bit less recoil.

Sold the M29, bought a .44 Special 3-inch barrel gun to carry and haven't bothered to change anything for 30 years. Tried a Ruger Redhawk .44 found I disliked the trigger compared to the S&W's and sold that one.

For long range use I prefer the .41 as I shoot it more accurately. But, given the choices today, I'd probably opt for the .44 for general use or a .460 S&W if I wanted it for hunting.
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