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Originally Posted by Scrubcedar
We're not talking about locking people away with no recourse.
You are proposing locking people up without due process. Recourse to the same doc who may have decided you need incarceration isn't a reasonable protection of a person's civil rights.

Originally Posted by Scrubcedar
We are talking about making it practical to commit dangerous people first, before they kill people, then going through the process while everyone, including the mentally ill person is safe.
I believe that involves a false choice. A very brief hold is all that is necessary to get a matter before a judge.

Originally Posted by Scrubcedar
I'll go ahead and do a little digging, see if I can cite examples of the laws on the books as we speak. They are there because we were looking at the exact wording when my daughter got bad at one point.
I regret that your child was touched by illness, especially one that sounds so severe.

Have you ever discussed fire safety with a fireman? They have bunches of rules about which they are adamant. In some ways they have an exaggerated sense of risk because they typically see things when they've gone bad. The same can be said about attorneys for some matters. Direct experience can rob a person of a sense of scale and perspective.

I will not pretend to know what you endured; my love for my children is nutty and unmeasured. I would not trust that level of passion to correctly shape public policy.
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