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All great input! I just noticed that the BCG I linked above is curiously no longer available for backorder so glad I ordered it when I did, I will now potentially have 3 BCG's, one if the site comes through, the one on back order and a third bolt stripped carier, I don't mind as I'm sure they will all simply morph into rifles .

I will also have a spare stripped upper and 14.5" barrel to work with as well so my third AR is quickly takeing shape.

I didnt know how addicting this would be. My next project will be to purchase an AK kit for the reciever I have. I plan on getting all the tools to put it together which is pretty expensive but people who have them and know how to put them together are very rare and I think they may become very handy very quickly all things considered.

I managed to build my own home from the ground up cash (took me 8 years) and I'm only 35, I'll be building a workshop under the house so this crazy hobby of mine may become something more with a proper tooled shop!

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