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Originally Posted by Doyle
PawPaw, if the kid really wants a .308 see if the barrels on the Axis can be changed as easily as on a normal Savage. If it can, you could probably sell the .25-06 barrel and replace it with a .308 barrel for next to nothing. The .308 normally goes on a short action, but using a long-action donor shouldn't cause any problems.
Well, Doyle, the Axis uses a barrel nut, so changing the barrel shouldn't be a problem. All I need is a barrel vise and a spanner wrench. Those are relatively inexpensive.

I think that this kid will be happy with his .25-06. It's the next grandkid in line that likes my .308. He really likes my .308, but he ain't getting it. It's mine. He might get it eventually, but I suspect he'll carry me to a hole first.
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