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I've dealt with mental Health professionals a long time. The suggestion about two of them agreeing was not made lightly or in ignorance.
These are the same folks that wanted the current dangerous conditions. To get two of them to agree to commit someone against their will would be spectacularly difficult. Only the most obvious and dangerous people would have this happen.
Understand my point of view here, I've known and worked with dozens Mental health Professionals over the years. I've also seen far more of the damage that mentally ill people can do up close and personal.
You're blowing this off as if I don't know what I'm talking about.
Read my prior posts about my background before you decide that.
I have probably been involved the treatment of hundreds of patients with a psych diagnosis.
I have watched the mental health system nearly kill my daughter at least twice.
Do you have equal knowledge and insight?
The laws to enforce this, or something similar,in some places are still on the books they are just hogtied by the system.
They have gone through the process to determine constitutionality, and passed.
There are very good reasons for their being on the books in the first place.
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