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I remember the shortage. It kept me from getting started in reloading. Then I found someone that had primers, and a reloading kit to trade for all the brass that I had for trade. It took 3 months to find someone with primers. I saw several guys at gun shows selling bricks of Wolf, and Tula primers for $50 to $80 per thousand. I waited because I would not give my money to the scalpers. They were the same guys in the line at WalMart when the sporting goods counter was able to start selling ammo. They were lined up like the smurfs to buy it all up so that nobody else could buy any. Then when they went to the gun show they saw someone had some, and would pay the at least tripled price for it.

The thing that was worse than the hoarders were the ones opritunist. They were buying up everything just to gouge the price to the unknowing. I see a few that still have booths at a few gun shows. I refuse them my patronage. I saw their practices, and will not forget them. They are the same type that have super high prices, with a big sign that read "Beat The Ban."
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