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Comfort is primarily a result of --- the holster and the belt you choose to carry with, in my view...

Personally, I don't find weight to be a big factor...I primarily carry a 5" full sized 1911...and while its relatively thin...its not light / but in the right holster and with the right belt ...its no more difficult to carry than another 1911 I have that has an alloy frame and is a 4" gun...( and while there is a differnce of about 9 oz in those 2 guns that I have..) ...its really no difference in terms of how they feel in the holster.

Now I do notice a big difference - if I were to carry a double stack gun - like a Sig 229 or 226 ...because of the width, I don't like either of them in an IWB holster - because they're too wide to be comfortable.
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