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I seriously doubt that they will ever enact a national registry of long guns. Registering every bolt action rifle and shotgun in the country is a logistic impossibility, even for those people who worship the bureaucracy. There has ti be over a hundred million of these things in the country. And let's not forget, right or wrong, certain guns have more respect and prestige in the American culture than other guns. Even gun control advocates have less fear of grandpa's antique lever action rifle or side by side shotgun. Never mind that either of those could do as much damage in the wrong hands as an AK-47; it's just an unfortunate fact that people associate AK-47 rifles with magazine drums with Al Qaeda operatives (and how can we really expect differently, when do people see Kalishnakovs in the news not in the hands of a Muslim terrorist or guerilla warrior?). But their Dad's classic Winchester? Nah, that's not a criminal's weapons, that's a sportsman's gun to them. If you want to understand why these gun control supporters think the way they do, you have to consider the cultural conditioning.
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