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Staying concealed while being very physically active
It's all about give and take...mostly. Bellybands are slow to get to and hot in a warm climate. Thunderwear in a hot climate Fanny packs are a dead giveaway.

You may want to take a look at the following (each has + & -)
- Ruger SR9c
- Ruger LC9
- Kel Tec PF9
- Kel Tec P11
- Glock 26

If you are a larger guy, the LC9, PF9, & P11 can easily be back pocket carried in a DeSantis holster. Zero printing and fast draw, but it depends on the depth of your back pocket. It also gives you a slight diversional advantage.

The SR9c is probably one of the thinest full-size capable pistols out there. It might be good for 5 or 7 O'clock carry IWB.
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