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Open letter to gun store owners

I am dismayed at the choices some firearms/gun dealers are making right now with only a "report" of congress acting on a change to how gun ownership will be changed. I will NOT do business with any corporation or independent store that is obviously changing their policy to appease the anti-gun group.

I ask that my fellow true Americans and believers in 2nd amendment do the same. We all know that in the U.S. money is power and as individuals we all the right to spend our hard earned money as we please. I choose not to spend my money with companies like the above mentioned.

My personal story:

3 weeks ago I bought a rifle for tournament shooting; my first rifle as this is/was going to be my new hobby. Soon after my purchase "news" broke out from the liberals that guns needed to be banned. As we all know, panic buying set in and the shelves are empty. Worse yet, unscrupulous store owners jacked up the prices of all AR related items and high cap mags for handguns. I thought I had found a stand up store owner in Chucks Guns- Jupiter Florida when I went in and asked to by a G17 hi cap mag. He said “I have 5 but to be fair I will only sell one to a person”. I said I agree with that policy and happily paid is moderately inflated price of $35 for one mag. He said come back in a few weeks and if I have more I will sell you another. That brings me to today (1-4-13). I go in to ask if he has any PMAGS for my new AR and he says yes, for $85!!! I said a polite no thank you and asked about the Glock mags. The woman goes in the back and gets one, asks Chuck for the price and he states $75. My issue is not so much with this guy over inflating a price, but it does peeve me that I followed his policy, did as told and then I come back to a price 400% over MSRP.

Unfortunately for him I was shopping for a reputable store to support my hobby and that of 6 other people. Chucks Guns in Jupiter will not be getting our several thousands of dollars per year, nor our recommendation to hundreds of other shooters each year that we meet at matches in the South Florida area.

It’s a shame that the companies that we support are so quick to "stick it" to us when there are rumors of major changes.
We will be hearing of more companies large and small that are going to stop selling firearms/ammo and accessories an over hyped fallacy that guns kill people. As any intelligent person knows, this is simply not the case.

Fellow gunners, it’s your money. Spend it wisely.
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