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The SST is a great bullet IMO but I've found it to be fairly explosive at higher speeds (2700+). It's very effective for heart/lung area shots but anywhere else can damage a lot of meat. My son shot an elk at 60 yards with a 165gr SST in .30-06, two perfectly placed shots and it didn't go more than three or four steps. Bloodshot area in the opposite side of the rib cage was the size of a dinner plate, one recovered slug retained 60% of original weight. It would have been real ugly had he hit a front shoulder or backstrap. In contrast, I've made shots in the 250yd range on both mule deer and elk, the slugs I recovered mushroomed beautifully and retained almost 90% (.30-165 and .284-139)

Based on my experience with SSTs I'd agree with Jimro (et al) and probably consider the 154 gr, keeping the speed on the slower side.
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