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Don't worry, you're not the only one. I've found that a 15 ounce J-frame is the maximum I can comfortably carry in my pocket. (The more rounded profile of the revolver is also a plus.)

Despite their profile, a lot of the single stacked autos like the Ruger LC9, Walther PPS, and M&P Shield are actually quite heavy guns for their size. Heck, an LC9 weighs about the same as a Glock 26 and is actually heavier than a Walther P99c.

Many of these single stacks are best when carried on a belt. They're going to work well for people that find a double stacked auto to be uncomfortable due to the width. I've never had a problem concealing a slightly fatter gun inside the waistband, so I usually stick to compact double stacked models, which can do double duty as house guns with full size magazines and a grip adapter.

Although, I can't argue about the Keltec PF 9, it comes in at just over 12 ounces, but like a lot of single stacks also has a LONG double action only trigger...definitely not my favorite.

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