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Look, it's extremely doubtful that there will be an attempt to ban all firearms and thus disarm the American people so that genocide can be carried out.

It's extremely doubtful that all firearms will be banned. (Despite the howls of some.)

It's doubtful that all AK or AR type firearms will be banned or confiscated.

It is unlikely that Garands, Ruger Ranch Rifles, M1 carbines, etc. will be banned.

It is likely that they will go for limitations on mag capacity for guns long and short. It's likely they will limit some features on some long guns and possibly sidearms. It's likely they will go for a national 10 day wait on firearm purchases. Restrictions on internet sales of firearms and magazines. National firearms registration and database, etc.

Seems more useful to discuss what they are likely to do and how to argue against that then to argue that the Queen of England is out to disarm us so she can commit genocide and get her Empire back.

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